St. Augustine Greek Fest

Children of all ages will find plenty of fun and excitement in the Kids Zone at the St. Augustine Greek Festival!

Kids Zone Kids Zone
Kids Zone

How Do You Say That In Greek?


Good morning Kalime’ra How are you Ti’ Ka’nis
Good evening Kalispe’ra Hello/Goodbye Yia’sou
Good night Kalini’chta Goodbye Anti’o – Yia’sou
Cheers Yia’sou Excellent Meal Poli’ oreo’ fagito’
I would like The’lo Thank you Efharisto’
Let’s go Pa’me Beer Bi’ra
Please Parakalo’ Wine Krassi’
Table Trape’zi Let’s go dance E’la na’ Hore’psoume
Hot Ze’sti I’m hungry Pina’o
Cold Cri’o Let’s go eat Pa’me na’ fa’me
Water Nero’ Let’s go drink Pa’me na’ piou”me
Bread Psomi’ Let’s go see (watch) Pa’me na’ Dou’me
We had a lot of fun Diaskeda’same Poli’